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.default, a magazine of design, art, culture, fashion and music, will be online in June. .default aims to bring together artists from different fields to build an effective platform in the rapidly growing Internet world. It will be available in English and Turkish, free of charge, at from June 2010, with articles each month featuring new artists and a wide variety of topics.




An online art magazine focusing on design, culture, fashion and music.




To bring together artists engaged in different kinds of works and to create an effective platform for them in the fast-growing internet world - with an English edition as well as Turkish to make its voice heard abroad.




.default magazine gives young talents as well as acclaimed artists an opportunity to exhibit their work online. .default magazine will always be available to support artists who want to be a part of the magazine at




.default magazine has been created by a strong team of writers and designers who closely follow trends in Turkey and beyond. It offers readers a wide variety of information and interactive experiences, with features like personalization with user friendly interface, striking graphics, videos, scenes from behind the camera, music and forwarding to your address.




At from June 2010 onwards, with new artists and different topics each month in Turkish and English, free of charge.

Tel: 0 212 281 28 60